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Primary Principals Collective Bargaining

About Us

PPCB represents a modern and collaborative view of the principle of collectivism that underpins representation in the workplace. A higher quality of outcome will be generated for primary principals with PPCB at the bargaining table.

Principal voice has been diluted within past collective bargaining rounds and PPCB is determined to bring a strong focus to principals’ concerns and aspirations.

Having principals represented by their own bespoke voice enables protection from the risk of principals’ voices being subsumed by others in the vast education workforce.

It enables the real problems of practice to be brought to the fore and an energetic challenge to conventions that need urgent change in the modern workplace.
PPCB is singularly focused on Collective Bargaining. While advice about the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement will be available through PPCB, it is not intended to give other legal or industrial advice to members.

Should employment related legal advice and support be required, members have the option of subscribing to the Principals’ Advice and Support Scheme Limited (PASL).

This legal insurance scheme is wholly owned by NZPF and does an outstanding job providing a comprehensive employment related legal hotline and legal cover of up to $25,000 in instances where a principal requires legal advice, support, and representation in the workplace. Common questions to the legal hotline relate to difficulties experienced with a Board of Trustees, or complaints against a principal from parents or staff. Subscribing to PASL means that principals have immediate access to the highest quality legal advice and assistance, should that be required.

While it is optional to subscribe to PASL, the fee to join PPCB is deliberately set at a low rate. This makes subscription to both PASL and PPCB affordable. By subscribing to both entities, principals set themselves up across a suite of services to be well represented in the terms and conditions of their employment and well supported in managing the risks associated with their employment.

The Primary Principals’ Collective Bargaining (PPCB) will offer a genuine step-change in the workplace conditions of principals’ employment.
This is a watershed moment for primary principals.

I invite you to join this exciting new entity and work in a genuine grassroots membership driven community to win better conditions for principals.

Mā te Tumuaki, mō te Tumuaki!


Denise Torrey

Head of Union


  • To be an influential and effective industrial advocate for primary principals.
  • To unashamedly champion principals’ concerns and aspirations for better terms and conditions in their Collective Agreement so that principals are well-supported and healthy in their workplace.
  • To ensure the Collective Agreement recognises principals in their role as peak leaders in education and to ensure they are appropriately rewarded for their work.
  • To ensure the Collective Agreement recognises the unique and diverse contexts and communities within which principals lead.
  • To work alongside NZEI in a constructive and collaborative manner.
  • To advocate strongly for the interests of principals.


  • Operate as a Union for primary school principals in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000 by furthering the interests of the PPCB’s Members in relation to their conditions of employment.
  • Negotiate the Collective Employment Agreement on behalf of the PPCB’s Members by:

    • Providing for the ratification of any negotiations for a Collective Agreement.
    • At the conclusion of negotiations, make a copy of the draft terms of settlement available to all the PPCB Members.
    • Notifying all PPCB Members of the time and place of a ratification meeting within no less than 24 hours and no more than two (2) weeks of receiving the draft terms of settlement.
    • Informing PPCB Members of the ratification outcome upon the affirmative vote of more than 51% of those attending the meeting.
  • Develop a comprehensive information sharing network for PPCB Members.
  • Consult with PPCB Members on pay and work conditions.
  • Advocate for PPCB Members remuneration and conditions of employment appropriate to the responsibilities principals carry out.

The time is Right.

We invite you to join this exciting new entity and work in a genuine grassroots membership driven community to win better conditions for principals.

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