Vision and Values


  • To be an influential and effective industrial advocate for primary principals.
  • To unashamedly champion principals’ concerns and aspirations for better terms and conditions in their Collective Agreement so that principals are well-supported and healthy in their workplace.
  • To ensure the Collective Agreement recognises principals in their role as peak leaders in education and to ensure they are appropriately rewarded for their work.
  • To ensure the Collective Agreement recognises the unique and diverse contexts and communities within which principals lead.
  • To work alongside NZEI in a constructive and collaborative manner.
  • To advocate strongly for the interests of principals.

We value:


  • Operate as a Union for primary school principals in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000 by furthering the interests of the PPCB’s Members in relation to their conditions of employment.
  • Negotiate the Collective Employment Agreement on behalf of the PPCB Membership.
  • Develop a comprehensive information sharing network for PPCB Membership.
  • Consult with PPCB Members on pay and work conditions.
  • Advocate for PPCB Members remuneration and conditions of employment appropriate to the responsibilities principals carry out.

Our mission:

Support our membership by winning the best terms and conditions