We intend to carry out a longitudinal study so will survey annually to find trends and patterns over time and we appreciate your help in providing the information. Read on to find out why.

Kia ora PPCB Whānau

It was good to catch up and connect at the NZPF conference last month and hear how you are using the Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund. As I’ve previously indicated we are carrying out some research on the use of this fund. The research is for several purposes. Firstly, we want to capture the variety of uses of the fund to help us update our guidelines and give examples of best practices after using the information to consult with the Office of the Auditor. This consultation is important as many principals and presiding members have indicated they have concerns about the use of the fund. In particular, whether some of the activities chosen meet the rules of Sensitive Expenditure as included in our guidelines.

Secondly, we want to use the information provided in the survey to show the impact the fund had on helping to build principal leadership capability, capacity and well-being as part of the next negotiations.

Lastly, the research will be longitudinal with the hope that we can contribute data to show the impact of having a regular fund for principals to control to build their capability and capacity as leaders. In particular, we are looking at colleagues in more vulnerable situations such as small schools and how the fund has impacted them.

Part of the research is an interview and if you feel you can help please add your details. We probably won’t interview everyone but we will be looking at specific areas depending on the data.

Please take a few minutes to complete this important survey. To fill in the survey go here.

Nga mihi

Denise Torrey

PPCB Principal Support, Lead Negotiator and Researcher.

021 262 5557