Professional Growth and Wellbeing Support Fund and Presiding Member

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,

I am currently working with a few principals and their PM about the use of the support fund. The PM role is to ensure it is not inappropriately used.  As long as what YOU choose meets the criteria. I had long discussions with MoE yesterday about whether Iona should put something out. We have worked hard to make this fund flexible so need to be careful how it is worded to self-governing schools. I have also sort advice from our lawyer on what happens if the PM doesn’t sign off on the audit info even when a principal has met the criteria. Here is what I have used with some PM and if you wish for this to come from me let me know.

“Your principal has asked me to clarify the use of the Support Fund which is part of her new Collective Agreement as a member of PPCB. I was the lead negotiator and Head of Union on negotiating the Collective. I worked closely with the MoE and Office of Auditor general on the guidelines for the Support Fund and now work with the MoE and kura on its implementation. The purpose of the fund is to build principal leadership capacity and capability and or for their well-being. So a principal can choose activities including conferences that meet these requirements. Further to this:

· The fund is not school money, it is solely for the use of the PPCB principal for activities they wish to undertake for their leadership and or well-being. “They should be confined to professional coaching that enhances your leadership skills and ability to carry out your leadership of the school. Alternatively, a service, experience or activity that supports your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing and has a clear link that enhances or maintains the ability of the principal to function in their role.”

· The fund comes to the school as a distribution mechanism only and cannot be used for any other purposes.

· The role of the Presiding Member is to support the principal and work with them to ensure the fund is used appropriately. This is a collaborative relationship where the PM will ensure no inappropriate use, such as purchasing an asset.

· The PM does not give permission or decide which activities the principal undertakes. It is part of a discussion to help ensure that it isn’t inappropriately used. The wording in the guidelines state, “We encourage you to discuss the use of this allowance with your Board

· It can be part of, but not necessarily, the Professional Growth Cycle.

· Conferences and their expenses are entirely appropriate and Ulearn is a leadership conference.

· A large number of principals are attending this conference.

· Gym membership and hiring of a cycle are also appropriate but it is wise that the fund pay the entire period of the hire.

· The PM and principal sign off to say the funds were used appropriately and give evidence of how.

· The guidelines attached were developed with the Ministry of Education and approved by the Office of the Auditor General.

I hope this gives greater clarity as to your role and the use of the fund. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you wish to discuss further. This, of course, could put some of you at risk depending on your relationship with your PM and BoT. Always here to help.

Nga mihi

Denise Torrey


021 262 5557