Who is Mark Ellis?

Ko Mark Ellis toku ingoa

No Hakatere ahau

Ko Rakaia te awa

Ko Aoraki te maunga

Ko Dulcie toku manawa

Ko Corey, ra ko Chelsea nga tamariki ma

Ko Kyas, ra ko Maverick toku mokopuna

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

My name is Mark Ellis and it is my privilege to accept the role of Head of Union for PPCB as of April 26th. I have been a principal for 27 years in U1-4 schools in Mid Canterbury. I am a current member of the Canterbury Primary Principals Association Executive and served 2 years with the NZPF executive in the 90’s. I am driven to seek better conditions and outcomes for NZ principals so the job is in a better place when I choose to leave. I am a Senior Firefighter in the Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade, a dad, a granddad and a husband of 32 years to my wife Dulcie.

I can only hope to emulate the incredible work Denise Torrey has done as HOU and support the PPCB Board in their direction. I will represent the members and their views and Chair the Strategy Action Team as we inform the Board of your wishes and the conditions you seek in our dynamic job as principals.

PPCB and its point of difference focussed on the mantra ”For principals by principals” and “A principal, is a principal, is a principal.” We can confirm it is our drive to improve conditions and funding in the sector so that we maintain the focus on our leaders and what they need. PPCB has a clear mandate to ensure our U1-2 principals are paid well as principals and not lower than DP’s in large schools with many units. We are committed to focusing on what matters to our members.

Last year’s PPCB survey results with membership recommend we consider the work to support our U1 and U2 colleagues, and look carefully at the structure of remuneration to recognise experience and not just numbers on seats. We will continue to explore these issues with you, our PPCB members, and seek better outcomes for all. Currently there are also some equity issues for U1 and U2 principals which are having a direct impact on these principals and their communities and subsequently are having a corrosive effect on the leadership crisis across all of our sector. These issues contribute to the acknowledged ‘leadership crisis’ happening in education in NZ.

As PPCB we will continue to represent the needs of all our members and encourage you to share your stories, your triumphs and concerns with us so we can ensure our profession flourishes with active, satisfied Principals leading our schools with enthusiasm, intent and knowledge.

I will be in touch with you all soon with an invitation for you to consider becoming an active member of our Strategic Action Team and a voice in your region for PPCB, in the meantime I encourage each of you to extend an invitation to your colleagues to join PPCB. As we grow and mature as a union we will continue to be a strong voice in advocating for the best working conditions for all principals across our motu!

Mark Ellis, PPCB HOU