Variation to the contract has been in action for PPCBU principals.

Kia ora  PPCBU members,

Today, through the bulletin, issue 167, from the Secretary of Education, you will have received notification of variation for NZEI and Secondary principals contracts.

This variation to the contract has also been in action for PPCBU principals. We are expecting a letter this week offering us what our secondary colleagues were offered. This offer is part of our CA.

It can be a time-consuming, waiting process but this is exactly what we have been doing in the background while the work has been considered by our secondary colleagues.

When the variation offer comes to us we will be bringing it to the membership for your vote and action.

Our variation request asked for the considerations listed at the end of this comms.

Please be assured the negotiation team and PPCBU Board have been working hard behind the scenes for this offer. It must be made to us within 1 month of the secondary variation and then we will go back to the MOE with membership support and any further negotiations we may seek as part of the variation offer.

One of the key considerations for us will be the length of the contract. Will we move to 2025 or stay within our current offer for a start to negotiations 60 days before December 2, 2024.  We have to consider the fact we have developed a new remuneration offer that we want to take to the table.

Please stay alert for any further communications and reach out to us if you have questions. Variations are in the wind and ready to settle once you have given us the feedback.

Watch your inbox!

Regards Mark Ellis

Head of Union

Variations letter sent October 18 to the MOE team:

The PPCB Board and negotiation team wish to formally seek variance in regards to our collective agreement under clause 1.6. Our rationale for these changes are listed below and we seek your commitment to these.

  1. Terms of settlement – The Cultural Leadership allowance for principals at $5,000 – This claim relates to honouring the Treaty of Waitangi for our principals to use their skills and support our tamariki to be the best they can be. This encourages skilled Principals to continue their mahi. A binding document in law.

  2. 5.2.2 – The principal salary rates for NZEI CA has an increase in salary rate effective 3 July, 2024 for each U grade. As a principal’s work is the same in all primary schools PPCB members should be entitled to the same increase in salary rate on July 3, 2024. PPCB’s current term ends 1 December, 2024 so that increase will be within our new collective negotiations.

  3. 5.2.5 – The LLN increased base from $2,320 to $4,000 – All principals work incredibly hard to work through curriculum change and the introduction of Te Mataiaho. Why would PPCB Principals not be recognised for this payment when we are expected to do the same mahi (see attachment)

  4. The $1,500 payment offered to ALL principals in the additional payments of the NZEI settlement – This is inequitable and the focus on all principals leaves PPCB Principals $1,000 short of the lump sum offered in the NZEI contract. We received $750 plus $500 while the NZEI received their lump sum plus $1500 for all principals. This is the $1000 difference.  

  5. $710 payable to each NZEI Te Riu Roa member bound by this Collective Agreement as at 29 June 2023. The payment is not prorated, it will be paid in full to all eligible principals. The payment has been calculated to provide a net amount broadly equivalent to the cost of renewing a teaching practicing certificate. We seek this adjustment as our PPCBU Principals also have registration costs to cover and this approach is inequitable to maintaining an active registered workforce.

Specialist School principal allowances to match the increase to $10,000 residential and $5,000 non-residential. This acknowledges the incredibly challenging job our principals do to look after our youth who have the potential to slip through the system. Our colleagues who accept these challenging and rewarding positions need to be paid the same and not disadvantaged.