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Welcome! Primary Principals’ Collective Bargaining (PPCB) membership is open to all paid-up members of the NZ Principals’ Federation.

PPCB Membership 2023

Some information
to begin

  • You understand that you join PPCB once at registration and then will be invoiced for the annual membership fee on 1 February in any given year and have 2 months to make payment for membership to be continuous.
  • You understand that PPCB is not party to the current Collective Agreement. Joining PPCB supports the PPCB negotiating team to work on your behalf for the next Collective Agreement.
  • You understand that PPCB is singularly focused on Collective Bargaining. While advice will be available through PPCB about the terms and conditions of the next Collective Agreement, it is not intended to give other legal or industrial advice to members. Should these services be required, membership of the Principals Advice and Support Scheme Limited (PASL) is recommended.
  • You understand that the current fee is $234.00 to January 31, 2023.

Primary Principals’ Collective Bargaining

Membership 2023

The membership fee for the year to 31 January 2024

$25000 NZDannually
  • Subtotal $217.39 NZD
  • GST $32.61 NZD

A note to start!

Please enter your Last name.

Then click “Check my School” button to check the school is yours.

If you have an issue with registration, check that you’ve entered YOUR NAME. If you have, it may be case sensitive or our source database has an issue, or we haven’t caught up with the fact that you’ve moved schools. If you need help, please, in the first instance email membership@ppcb.nz

Thank you!