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Patrick Walsh

Bargaining Team

As the former President of SPANZ Union and active member of its Bargaining Team since its inception, I am delighted to provide my support and assistance to the establishment and ongoing mahi of PPCB. 

The role, responsibilities, and challenges of principalship are unique. For this reason, it is both necessary and desirable to have a bespoke Primary Principals’ Union made up of principals who have the in-depth understanding and lived experience of principalship. My experience also tells me the PPCB will have the energy, drive, and passion to advocate for a Collective Agreement that reflects the unique complexities and demands of principalship. The PPCB like SPANZ Union has the potential to be a direct and powerful conduit around the bargaining table to represent the voice, needs and aspirations of primary school principals. It is an exciting industrial step for my primary colleagues. I am delighted to be part of team.