PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund Annual Declaration

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,

We would like to remind you that you need to prepare an annual declaration to the Board regarding the use of your PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund.

The Collective states


Principals shall make an annual declaration to the board regarding their uptake and use of the funds. The declaration shall be made no later than the last day of Term 4 each year.

Our guidelines state

“Annual declaration

In addition, note that principals will be required to make an annual declaration to their Boards regarding their uptake and use of the funding. The declaration shall be made no later than the last day of Term 4 each year. The declaration is because the Board is the principal’s employer and responsible for considering and supporting their wellbeing, but also for audit purposes. All state and state-integrated schools are funded by public money and the Board has ultimate accountability for how this money is spent. As with all spending, principals and their Boards should have regard to Government Procurement Rules, follow best practices, seek to achieve public value for money, and avoid any conflicts of interest when choosing how to use their professional coaching funding”

How you will do this will be up to you and your board but will be used for auditing purposes.

Our suggestion is a brief declaration but clearly defined statement of what the fund was used for, eg attending the Edutech Conference, include a table of expenses, and receipts available for the auditor and link your activity to what the document states is its purposes e.g “to enhance your leadership skills and ability to carry out you’re your leadership of the school. Alternatively, a service, experience or activity that supports your physical, mental or emotional well-being and has a clear link that enhances or maintains the ability of the principal to function in their role. “

We have been asked a number of times whether certain activities are “OK” for the use of the fund. As we stated in our survey report we are still working through this with the OAG and will update guidelines accordingly.

But consider ‘Sensitive Expenditure Rules’ and:

  • Does the expenditure align with the purpose of the funding?

  • Does the expenditure represent the best value for money?

  • Is it within the budget?

  • Could the board justify this expenditure to a taxpayer, parent or other interested party?

  • How would the public react if this expenditure was reported by the media?

  • Would there be, or be perceived to be, any personal gain (as different to professional gain) from this expenditure?

We have also been asked if any activity, usually well-being ones, will incur fringe tax. Once again we are seeking advice on this. We are aware that there are exemptions to fringe tax but there are also certain activities that will incur this tax e.g. a monthly allowance for petrol as opposed to claiming mileage for the use of your vehicle (you are entitled to claim under the Collective).

If you do get any feedback from your auditor we are keen to hear about it so please let us know.

Nga mihi,

Mark Ellis

PPCB Head of Union

Tumuaki Rakaia School

027 347 7982

Image by: Hayley Read