Here are a few updates.

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,

Here are a few updates

Sick Leave

In our agreement, it says: 7.3.2, (c) Principals will have sick leave deducted from their entitlement set out in clause 7.3 (a) above as follows: (i) Sick leave is only deducted on days that the school is open for instruction, and on days which the principal would normally have worked.

This means only days that would otherwise be worked can be deducted from sick leave – which means that weekends in between a period of sick leave would not be deducted.

Representation on Sabbatical Selection Committee

NZEI has declined the MoE request to have PPCB sit on the selection committee for the allocation of sabbaticals. Our PPCB’s lawyer says, “If the scheme involves a panel (to determine eligibility) then there must legally be PPCB representation, and this cannot be left to NZEI to make the decision. The Ministry have no choice but to ensure equal representation given the entitlement arises in the collective.”

Needless to say, this is in the hands of the lawyer. Will definitely keep you posted!

Resigning from NZEI

Once again if you chose to do this let your health insurer know if you are insured through NZEI. It’s an easy email and they will charge you 10% more. PPCB also recommends you join the NZPF legal scheme PASL. Here is an update on information about who ‘owns” the policy. The reason I have put this in is that a few principals have been caught without protection when they are away from school and an employment issue happens.

To be a PASL member School/principal must be an NZPF member

Then if:

School pays and either nominate it to be in the principal name OR whoever is the principal. If the principal goes on leave a temporary short-term PASL contract (minimum 1 term) may be set up and paid for either the principal on leave (if main PASL contract for school) or the acting principal (if main PASL contract in the name of principal).

Principal pays and the contract will be in their name and they will be covered including when on leave. If this is the case the school/acting principal may take out a temporary PASL contract (minimum 1 term PASL contract) while the principal is on leave.

Hill to Die on

Thanks for the feedback, it obviously hit a nerve as it’s been part of many conversations I’ve had since we sent it out.


I am off overseas on Thursday but still available to you and if I can’t help I will pass you to one of our team. You can message me, email at or on my cell at 021 262 5557 (just be mindful of the time difference).

I look forward to seeing many of you at the NZPF conference in Queenstown. PPCB is organising a get-together. Info coming soon.

Denise Torrey


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