Week 8 is almost done. Go the Crusaders!

Ata Marie PPCB e te Whānau,Week 8 is almost done. Go the Crusaders!I wanted to advise you membership is almost 20% with 344 members currently. This is positive and we have been told we will have more joining soon so please share the reasons why you joined so we can continue to grow.The Board meet Monday evening and I will be sharing some of the feedback from our survey and sharing the themes that have been mentioned.

  • Pay and remuneration
  • Workload and Support
  • Policy development/Operations for PPCB
  • Staffing

We will move now to form the Strategy Action Team and begin to evaluate and formulate the next steps as a team. If you feel strongly that you have the time and inclination to work on one of these themes then drop me a message and we can consider your response as we pull the team together.

Good luck to those who are applying for Sabbaticals for 2024 and a huge thank you to Denise for her work in this space where challenges have presented themselves in recent times.

I attended the NZEI principal Council meeting as PPCB Head of Union and it was a good opportunity to introduce myself to some key players in the industrial arena. They have shared the outcomes of the meeting and I agree with them and took an active part in the discussions:

  1. We need to work together to stop education being a political football. This means all of us talking with all MPs about supporting and trusting us to shape and lead education in our schools and kura.
  2. We need to make sure being a Principal is something that more teachers aspire to be. We can do this by speaking positively about the things that we love about the job while also working to address the issues that make the role so challenging.
  3. The current salary arrangements are no longer fit for purpose and need a significant overhaul. This is going to take careful development work!
  4. We need to continue to work together to push for things like the Ministerial Advisory Group looking into staffing to deliver results that make a meaningful difference to schools and kura.
  5. There are a range of ways that schools and principals could be better supported. This includes how the leadership advisers are deployed, development and support for boards, significant improvements to learning support and access to effective specialist support in a variety of areas, not to mention changes to sabbaticals!

I shared with the NZEI leader that we have some similar work here and we are available to collaborate and I suppose we just see where that sits with him.

The PPCB Board, PSO and Membership lead continue to advocate for you and work hard behind the scenes. Thank you for your support.  Kia pai tou wiki mutunga – have a great weekend.

Nga mihi,

Mark Ellis
Head of Union:  Rakaia Primary School