Queenstown – available for a 1:1. PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund reminders. Join PASL.

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,

I have spoken to a number of you over the past few weeks over a wide range of issues. I work with a wide variety of other agencies to ensure you get your support as well as being a listening ear and advisor. I have over 21 years of principalship and over 40 years in the education sector, so something to bring to the table!!

Please reach out if you need support. My contacts are below.

If you are attending the NZPF Conference in Queenstown and would like to meet with me one-on-one also reach out so we can arrange a time and place.

A couple of important updates from me.

PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund

Some of you have raised the issue that the MoE website only gives generic advice. That is correct. Each union has their own set of guidelines and these are on each union’s websites. Point your PM to our website. We are yet to see how the auditors interpret some of the activities undertaken by our members, particularly against the Office of Auditor General’s Sensitive Expenditure guidelines. Note it at the bottom of our document. Depending on their interpretation some activities might incur fringe tax. We are getting advice on this.

A key point about the Sensitive Expenditure guidelines is –

The most fundamental fact that applies to all spending by a public organisation is that it is spending public money. The spending has to be able to withstand scrutiny, from Parliament and from the public. How might your expenditure look to your community among others? Is it an expectation that it might be something you would pay for anyway when viewed through the community’s lens?

We strongly advise you to read these guidelines.

OAG sensitive expenditure guidance

We are looking to update our guidelines to give greater clarity as well as give examples we have collected of good practice of “building leadership capacity and capability and wellbeing of principals,”


Sadly, sometimes principals come into conflict with their employers. PPCB highly recommends you join NZPF Legal Support( PASL). Here is the link

Note:Principals who pay for their own Legal Advice Support Scheme and then move school, will still own the contract and the contract moves with them. If the owner of the contract is the board, then the cover will be for the principal in that school at that time.”

Be aware that we have seen cases when a principal is on leave the fund does not cover them. If the BoT is paying and you are going on leave you need to discuss where the coverage lies.

When you are acting as the employer with your staff your legal advice comes from NZSTA.

If you are in either situation you can contact me in the first instance.

Nga mihi,

Denise Torrey



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