Professional Growth and Wellbeing monies reworked guidelines

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,
Attached are the reworked guidelines after Mark and I spoke to the OAG.

Some key points

  • The word wellbeing in our guidelines was ambiguous and we have now changed this to professional wellbeing as we have greater clarity about the principles of the Sensitive Expenditure guidelines that this means activities that have a clear link to your role as a principal ie the education of students

  • The fund is not to be used for anything deemed to give the principal private personal benefit. If it does the board must apply for concurrence from the MoE.

  • We do now know that gym and other private as opposed to professional memberships will fall into this category and MoE won’t give concurrence.

We realise that this year some of you spent money on gym memberships, lessons and other things that in most cases now we have greater clarity are not allowed.  As the initial guidelines were not clear, the sensitive expenditure rules were not definitive on exactly the wording of such things as gym memberships and it was the first time in NZ Principal unionism history a fund like this has been available we are we are working with the MoE and OAG to forgive this for 2023.

While we work through this please let us know if you are in this situation and it has become an issue for you so we can work for you individually.

We have also been informed that some of you have been told by the auditor that the fund can not be carried forward. This is not correct.

The Collective, signed by PPCB and MOE states:

4.8.1 This entitlement will be used in the school year that it falls due unless otherwise agreed in writing between the principal and their employer.   So your employer needs to push back on the auditor as the auditor is incorrect. Once again contact us if this cannot be resolved by your employer.

Lastly, remember to make your declaration to the Board about the use of the fund.

4.8.1 Principals shall make an annual declaration to the board regarding their uptake and use of the funds. The declaration shall be made no later than the last day of Term 4 each year.

NZSTA has a template if your BoT prefers.

Nga mihi

Denise Torrey


Updated PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund   PDF, 117.1 KB