PPCB Negotiation Team

Important message from the PPCB Negotiation Team

1 March 2024

Kia ora PPCB e te Whānau,

Today I write to you wearing my Head of Negotiations hat.

Your negotiation team also includes Mark Ellis, PPCB Head of Union, Hayley Read PPCB Comms and Membership, Iain Taylor PPCB Board, Stephanie Thompson PPCB member and Principal at Beachhaven School.

It’s hard to believe it is that time again to prepare for negotiating our Collective Agreement. We need your help and to hear your voice. Our collective expires 31 May 2025 and we begin negotiations early in 2025.

This is the first survey to determine what you think should be included in our negotiations. We will come back to you to prioritise at a later date. This is an ‘ideas’ collection survey.

As a union “ By Principals, For Principals” and that we run on the smell of an oily rag, surveys are the fastest way to collect your voice. PPCB is proud of the fact that we get 80-85% of member voices from our surveys. Mark and I will be holding some PPCB Connections in the regions, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to visit all the centres. We can attend Zoom meetings if you want to organise a group of PPCB principals. Just contact me( see below)

PPCB can only make claims for terms and conditions of employment. We continue to advocate through representation on working groups and NZPF on other matters that affect your work e.g. more school resources, changes to PLD, Leadership Centre, unit allocation in staffing ratios, staffing parity with secondary colleagues and Learning Support resources.

We already have on the list of claims ( in no particular order at this stage):

  • the new base remunerationscale the PPCB SAT team developed. We surveyed you last year and had a positive response. This covers U1/2 base salary

  • The retention and embedding of the PPCB Professional Coaching, Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support Fund. We only have for 2023/ 2024 at this stage.

  • Increase to Literacy and Numeracy base payment- $8000+
  • Increase of Special School Allowances- $10 000+
  • 20-week sabbaticals 

  • Sabbaticals of right every 5 years

  • Release time for U1/2 principals as of right, not BoT discretion.  An increase from current allocation

  • Cultural leadership allowance of $5000

  • Parental leave for male principals

  • Payments for teachers registration

To add other claims, other than the above go to the survey here and please complete by 3pm Friday, 15 March.

The PPCB Negotiation team will begin work on the claims with your information. They meet on 16/17 September before the NZPF Conference for training and finalising the claims ready for 2025 negotiations.

Lastly, several of you have contacted me with concerns about your auditor or in carrying over the Support Fund. Use the wording in clause 4:8 of the collective contract but if you need help contact me.

Nga mihi,

Denise Torrey

PPCB Head of Negotiations/PSO

Tumuaki, Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo

021 262 5557